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Nosferatu the Untold Origin

“Nosferatu the Untold Origin” by Louis J. Pecsi

“Nosferatu the Untold Origin” begins with the 15th century crusader, Count Orlok, who must burn at the stake the powerful witch, Elsa, for her refusal to worship the God of Rome. As Elsa’s flesh is consumed by the flames, she finalizes her curse by uttering the word “Nosferatu”. Count Orlok is transformed into Nosferatu the Vampyre, a terrifying creature that bares little semblance to anything human. An epic adventure that spans over 400 years awaits Orlok, as he is plunged into the nocturnal world.


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The Awakened Poe

“THE AWAKENED POE Poe’s Tale of Fright” by Louis J. Pecsi

Poe needs no introduction for his literary works have frightened millions of avid readers for nearly two hundred years and inspired many writers, artist, and filmmakers.  My next book, The Awakened Poe,  fuses Poe’s literary works with my graphic art work. The Black Cat, The Tell Tale Heart, The Raven, The Pit and The Pendulum, and Alone are all visualized in vivid digital paintings and are guaranteed to give the reader a new appreciation for Poe’s tales of fright. Film Producer Roger Corman is writing an introduction to the book. His knowledge of Poe and his many film adaptations of Poe’s work will help make this a book for all Poe fans, English students and film enthusiasts.


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“Theo’s Adventures in Time” by Louis J. Pecsi

Theo is a child genius and inventor. This book chronicles his early inventions, which include an everlasting bouncing ball and a pair of flying shoes. His early inventions pale in comparison to his ultimate triumph, which is a time machine named Kronos. Theo journey’s through time and encounters dinosaurs mummies and Einstein. An epic adventure full of thought provoking images and an excellent lesson. The artwork is rendered in vivid colors and there are many drawings to compliment the story. Prepare yourself for adventure when you open this book.


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